Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Inspiration

In case you haven't followed me from my then I should do an introduction. Hi, I'm Karli Rush, I'm a dark paranormal romance writer. My first book is called Crescent Bound ( not-a-stand-alone book ) there are four more to complete the series, the second book Raven Bound should be out by June 25th.

Now lets talk about the protagonist Alyssa Worthington came to me out of the blue, her world and the interests of the witch kind filled my thoughts til I couldn't ignore it. So, I set out and did some research and found how I should tell her story. The first book - Crescent Bound sets the stage, learning about the characters and such. The second book - Raven Bound goes beyond into the darker realm of the alluring witch world.

Not to give away any spoilers the astray character from Crescent Bound named Naomi entangles herself in the unforgivable dark arts and more details unfold in Raven Bound,and overlays into the third book - Demon Bound.

The next book - Shadow Bound which is entirely different and unravels the origins of Marc and Alyssa. 
The very last book - Ice Bound... is Marc's POV from Crescent Bound.

Here's my inspiration of characters: 










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Please note these books are adult - mature.