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The Next Big Thing - Mina J. Moore, Author of "Deadly Temptations"

Hi, and welcome to Rush Bound Blog.  We are gathered here today to pay tribute to an Author,  Mina J. Moore.  You will soon see that this lady brings her savvy writing talent into play in ways that will cause sudden heart palpitations, hot flashes, and a desire to sequester yourself away from your world while you explore hers.  Mina is the Author of  "Deadly Temptations".

Hi Mina, thanks for taking the time from your schedule to be here today.
Your book cover is very eye catching, is that your protagonist, Denise Milton, on the cover of your book "Deadly Temptations", and tell us how you came about such a sexy cover?

I would hope so! She is a hot lady after all. The cover was something I stumbled on with a picture I saw online. I loved the black and white silhouette vibe. Then someone referred me to Fantasia Frog Designs and BAM! That woman is the bomb. It’s like she took the image from my head and brought it to life. I used her for my second cover also.

Mina, your first Novella falls under Contemporary Romance, Romance Suspense, and Erotic Fiction...what a combination...can you tell us about writing under all three of these genres?

But isn’t it a most yummy combo? I would say yes. Whenever an author can mix suspense, romance and the erotica element successfully, they can’t go wrong.

I so agree, it is a winning trio, which makes me wonder, is there a characteristic of Denise that fits you to a  T  and is there a part of her that you envy?

I would say her sense of humor fits me.The part I envy? She gets Mader. Do I need to say anything else?

"Mader", oh yes, Mader, as he is called in the book, is a man that brings out the woman in Denise, what is it about Mader that you find makes him so appealing?

Gee, where do I begin? Let’s see if I could get this all in one sentence. He is a gorgeous, successful, badass hunk with a big heart that will charm your socks off. I think that about covers it.

That it does.  Now, on top of the "Spicy" scenes, and the wonderful characters, you have twined suspense into the mix, tell us about that aspect, how you feel about this side of the book.

Spice is great. It makes your book hot but you also have to include a story in there somewhere, for this genre at least. I thought the suspense of a love triangle with a wacko would be great fun to write and it was...

Mina, I love this book. I am on board as one of your fans and proud to be. You have more in the works, can you tell us about "Forbidden Temptations" and your dive into the paranormal with a Vampire series called, "The Red Velvet Trilogy"?

Glad to have you! Forbidden Temptations is the second book in the Temptations Novella Series. It’s the continuation of the project that was started in Deadly Temptations with a top model and a hunky anti-social photographer. Boy do they have fun. I know I did and I haven’t even finished it yet. This project is one of many I have going on. Another is the prequel to The Red Velvet Trilogy. A Vampire’s Touch, due out this fall, will introduce readers to that world. And what a world it is, full of turf war, love and hotness with a species of vampires like no other.

Below is a brief synopsis:

The Red Velvet Trilogy is a vampire world full of war, action and love. The Legion protects vampire kind from the rebel Insurgents who threaten the existence of the entire paranormal race. Three vampires will play a critical role in what is to come...

A Vampire's Touch (Prequel)
The Red Velvet Trilogy
Book I - Empress
Book II - Onyx
Book III – Ivy

A Vampire’s Touch Excerpt

Wow. Just wow. Over six feet of muscled perfection stood across from me. No man should look that good in a suit. I could just skip the dinner all together. No problem. By the look on his face, he was thinking the same thing.

“You look amazing, Sienna.”

I dipped my head back and his lips landed somewhere below my jaw in that most sensitive place. My skin prickled with goose bumps. His scent was the most erotic thing I had smelled in my life and it was potent this evening. When he looked out the windows to the view of the city, I noticed his braid was gone. His hair was loose and much shorter.

“You cut your hair.”

He smiled. “Yes. You don’t like it?”

The man would look good bald. “I do.” I reached out and touched a dark lock falling over his brow. He leaned closer. His full lips were so close. I closed my eyes and took in his scent once more.

“We better get going. Did you say we had reservations?” I stepped back, proud to be the first to break the moment. He looked a bit lost.

“Yes. We do.” He grabbed my wrap and put it around my shoulders. Its warmth was stifling since my skin was already on fire. I was overheating and we hadn’t even kissed yet. I said a quick thank you prayer when we made it out into the crisp air. A black limo waited for us and in we went. He was so close our thighs touched. At this moment I didn’t really care where we went as long as we were alone.

I gasped when his hand came down on my knee. Sh**. My heart raced and my legs crossed, locking his hand where it was. That must have done it. Reaching over me, he pressed a button and the privacy glass went up and his mouth came down over mine.

Mina, what a great taste  of your upcoming work.  I know that you have what it takes to be the Next Big Thing.  You bring a mixture of steamy hot fun along with suspenseful adventure.  It will be a joy in watching you.  Keep it coming, and thanks for being here.

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