Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Release - Sci/fi Dystopian Story Pine Needles

We have updated the cover for Pine Needles. The release date will be May 25, 2013!

Here is what some Advance Readers say about Pine Needles.

"This is beyond paranormal, supernormal, this is a dystopian theme with a ménage of genres blending in together to create an unforgettable story." Suzanna

"Wow! Talk about an emotional roller-coaster , all over the place emotions. So intense, I was holding my breathe and had to unwilling put the book down to walk around and breathe quite a few times, also to get my emotions in check."  Staci

"First off, I am not a fan of dyostapin books. But holy WOW!! This one had me hooked from the beginning. I mean how would you feel to be happy one moment, then all of a sudden have everything you know turned totally upside down."  Janet

 Sindale, a city devastated by a ravaging earthquake, pulverizing the lives of many. Separating, and dividing families, changing the reality as they once knew it. Thousands of men, women, and children will forever be affected, but none as gravely as Rayden and Selene.
A couple endlessly in love will struggle with their own battles, one against chaos and madding riots and the other… a nightmarish unearthly realm. Splitting the serene city in two by a mysterious confining veil, the boundaries are set and their mortal lives are at stake. What will it take to keep one’s own sanity, humanity, and one’s only love? Or will it be too late?