Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Upcoming Novels and Re-release!

2014 has started out as one that pulls me to up my game as an Author.  I am in the middle of a revision, re-edit and makeover of the Crescent Bound Series. In early February I will re-release Crescent Bound along with new book covers for the first three books in the series.

Right now Crescent Bound is Free on Amazon. 

My current Work In Progress is book Five in this series. Ice Bound will be out this year. There are things about Marc that no one knows and writing this novel will hopefully fill in any blanks you may have. I really don't consider that there are any holes at all. I just have more to say about Marc and it would never fit into Crescent Bound. So, with that in mind I began writing Ice Bound. I am about twenty five thousand words in the novel right now and growing every day.

Here is the blurb... Ice Bound.

Marcus Colten is living the perfect life, high school football star and dating the head cheerleader. He is popular, skilled in athletics and from a wealthy family. The football team he quarterbacks for just won their first district championship.

Marc doesn't show it, but he is being haunted. Orphaned at the early age of two, he has ghostly memories of a past that makes his flawless model life feel out of place. And then there are the illusive dreams. Visions of someone that relentlessly possess his nights. What does it all mean? Where will it all lead? This time, he’s not the one that is at the top of the game.

I am also running a Free ongoing Supernatural story on my other blog. Be sure to check it out - Just click the free! Happy reading!